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How to Create .htaccess in Windows

August 07,2014 | Post in: Windows Application

If you are using apache and its htaccess, you might often need to rename a predefined file to .htaccess in windows, normally you will get a warning with common method, "You

How to Delete Windows Temporary Files

August 06,2014 | Post in: Windows Application

When your windows has been used for many days, there are amount of temporary files in your windows, including internet temporary files, search history temporary files, recycled, prefetch, and some other

Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8

July 22,2014 | Post in: Windows Application

In fact, there are many protected files and folders hidden by Windows to avoid to be deleted by mistake. But this post will introduce how to view/show hidden files and folders in Windows 8. If you are

Change Sleep Time on Windows 8

July 22,2014 | Post in: Windows Application

When you finished windows 8 installation, the default sleep time is 30 minutes, most time we do not want the computer to sleep so earlier. OK, we change sleep time now. 1. Open Power Options Right

Map Hostname to IP Address Using Hosts

July 17,2014 | Post in: Windows Application

Mapping a hostname to IP address using hosts file is very convenient, we do not need to alter DNS preference anymore, In fact, we have no permissions to visit the local DNS servers unless you are the administrator. So

Explanation of Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7

July 09,2010 | Post in: Windows Application

Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7 is a very useful tool for your windows 7 maintenance, in my blog, many operations are all carried out in the recovery mode. In order to facilitate cross-reference for my friends, I take all the the screenshots of advanced boot options in windows 7. you can compare or refer these operations at all time. this article describe advanced boot options, next article will be about windows recorvery environment.


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