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R cannot be resolved to a variable

July 31,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

There are many possible reason that you will get "R cannot be resolved to a variable" in eclipse. This post I will list some of them that I have met. 1. Your package has been changed, but not

How to Install Software in Linux

July 28,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

Installing software in linux is not convenience than in windows. We can get the installation windows by double clicking *.exe files in windows, but this does not work in linux. Yes, we need to use

How to Create User and Group in Linux

July 30,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

Create a user or a group in linux is easy, if you are using ubuntu with the lastest edition, you can add user in a friendly UI, but this post will introduce how to add user and group with a series command.

Update Time Via Network in Linux

July 20,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

If you want to synchronize time on computer via network in linux, command rdate is a good selection. rdate can query a time-server with RFC-868 proxy. This tip will introduce how to update time in linux

How to Change File Timestamp in Linux

July 20,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

We may get a warning from the complile that "make: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete.". That says we need to change the file timestamp to a correct value. There are two

How to Set Date Time in Linux

July 18,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

If we have no any GUI installed or have no network connection in our linux system with inaccurate time, what can we do to update date and time ? Yes, there are  also ways for us. Date command is


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