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Guide: Enable AHCI in Windows XP After Installation

April 06,2010 | Post in: Windows Application

We know we can't install Windows XP in regular method if we enable AHCI in BIOS, We must add additional SATA drivers before the installation. Here I introduce one method to enable AHCI in Windows XP 

Does Your Computer Support SATA AHCI

April 04,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

SATA(Serial ATA) is a computer bus interface between host bus adapters and mass storage drives. SATA has so many advantages, more faster and more convenience. SATA connecting cables have only 7 lines. Commonly, SATA controller may offer these selectable mode:ATA, AHCI, and RAID, Enhanced, DISABLE, Compatible. these selectable modes may be surported partially and some selections may have the same definitions in different computers. You can look for details in the BIOS or the manual books.

How to Change the SATA Type in BIOS

April 01,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

If you want to install Windows XP or configure a RAID array, you may need to change the SATA type in BIOS. here I will introduce some method of SATA settings in BIOS. SATA HDD(hard disk) has been more


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