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MySQL Data Type and Sizes or Ranges

July 30,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

1. MySQL Data Types There are mainly five data types in MySQL: Interger Type: BIT、BOOL、TINY INT、SMALL INT、MEDIUM INT、 INT、 BIG INT Float Type: FLOAT、DOUBLE、DECIMAL String Type:

How to grant privileges in MySQL

June 19,2014 | Post in: Website

When we create a new mysql table, usually we should assign a special user for the table for security instead of using the root. Here are some example of creating user and grant permissions in mysql. Of

Change root or user password on MySQL

June 17,2014 | Post in: Website

Setting a complex password on mysql is very essential, so how can I change the root password on Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. mysql command is a good choose, also we can use mysqladmin command to change the password,

How to reset AUTO_INCREMENT column in MySQL

June 17,2014 | Post in: Website

If you delete a record which has AUTO_INCREMENT attribute in MySQL, the sequence ID will be reserved and never be reused again. but we can change this by ALTER command. 1. How to alter AUTO_INCREMENT


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