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How to Set SPAN with Nowrap

July 30,2014 | Post in: Programming

If you use float style with SPAN tag following other normal text, you may get a wrap text in result. Here some test example of span with nowrap. 1. Make the text nowrap in float:right Test example:


How to Fixe Span Width in CSS

July 30,2014 | Post in: Programming

In this post, I give some examples for fixed width span, including independent line fixed width, same line fixed width and same line with centered style fixed width. 1. Like <span>ABC</span> SPAN

Auto-Resize Image Using CSS

July 28,2014 | Post in: Programming

I have to say it is very annoying to resize an image using css. In fact this job can be well-done by CSS if there are no much editions css in different browsers. Of course, if you do not think about


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