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How to Update MSI BIOS

July 14,2014 | Post in: Boot Recovery

I use msi motherboard for the first time, but there are so many small problems with it. eg, Network abnormal, Sound abnormal, USB mouse abnormal, ... Fortunately, I have some tricks to avoid them,

How to Set or Reset BIOS Password

June 16,2014 | Post in: Boot Recovery

It is necessary to set a strong BIOS password to prevent a unauthorized starting up, the visitor will be hold back outside the operation system. Setting BIOS password is very easy, all the laptop

How to Clear and Reset CMOS or BIOS

May 23,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

When you are suffering an unkown BIOS password or a chaos BIOS setting, you may need to clear CMOS/BIOS settings. that will reset the BIOS to the initial status. Here I list some conditions that you may need to clear the BIOS, but you must not always should do it like that if your BIOS support to load default settings which I will introduce below.

Why Should We Upgrade to New BIOS

May 17,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

We are often hearing about upgrading BIOS in PCs. I know many people are very interested in it. but why should we upgrade it to a new one. if you need it? Here I list some reasons about upgrading BIOS that may have some help for you.

Enable USB Keyboard and Mouse Support in BIOS

May 05,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

Because of the convenience USB device, More and more people favor USB keyboard and USB mouse. these device work OK in Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, etc. but if you want use USB keyboard or mouse in DOS mode or BIOS mode, they may do not works. for many computer in fact, it should not be any issues by some basic settings. This article I'll introduce how to enable USB keyboard and USB mouse support in BIOS, with some essential screenshots too.

What are The Ways of Soft Power

April 21,2010 | Post in: Hardware

Normally, We start our computers by the switch on the PC's form factor, but know from the previous document, there are some others ways, such as power on by keyboard , power on by mouse, Wake Up Remote, etc. these ways should be called as Soft Power. Here I will list some common ways for soft power, what conditions are required. Of course, the purpose of this chapter is to study and understand the common boot ways, if there is no need to use these soft power method, or do not use as much as possible, please do not use it. because you must keep your power supply on(Power off but not completely) while you want to use soft power. for many people, this is a waste of resources.

Introduction to Dual BIOS Technologies

April 18,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

When the BIOS is damaged or updated failure, the computer cannot boot or start again. because the BIOS parameters and settings has lost. In order to solve this problem, many BIOS makers and motherboard manufactures are seeking good methods to make BIOS stable and reliable. Dual BIOS is a good selection.

Difference Between EFI and BIOS

April 17,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

In Introduction to PC's EFI and Some Drawbacks of Traditional BIOS, we know (Extensible Firmware Interface)EFI has more advantage than BIOS. But What's the difference between EFI and BIOS? Here I list some of them in my opinion.

Some Drawbacks of Traditional BIOS

April 16,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

We know how important the BIOS is for the motherboard. BIOS has accompanied with us for more than twenty years, and it has brought us so many convenience. But now, we are suffering more and more drawbacks of traditional BIOS. Here I list some of them. Almost all the problems will be solved in EFI.

Introduction to PC's EFI

April 15,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

We have used BIOS as the interface between the operating system and PC's firmware for more than twenty years. BIOS has brought us so much convenience in computer configuration and management. But


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