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Block IP Address From Website On Apache

July 31,2014 | Post in: Website

There are 3 ways to block (ban) IP address from accessing website in Apache: Modify httpd.conf, redirect IP to another predefined page, and using .htaccess. The below statement assumes we will block

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in Apache

July 30,2014 | Post in: Website

If you are using HTTPS in your website, you might need to redirect http to https for most users who visit your https pages by mistype as http. mod_rewrite in apache is very easy to use. This article

How to Change Nameservers in Godaddy

July 12,2014 | Post in: Website

Nameservers (Name Server, NS) are organized by computers and network, looking up domains and the objective IPs are their main service. For common domain users, they do not need to understand the details

How to Create SubDomain in Godaddy

July 12,2014 | Post in: Website

A subdomain likes a node on the tree, all the nodes are inherited from the root node (root domain). For example, is the root domain, but is a subdomain. There is only one root

How to Change MX Records in Godaddy

July 12,2014 | Post in: Website

MX(Mail Exchanger) like a CNAME record, MX will route the emails which use the domain as the end to mail server for processing. For example: if the user's domain name is,

Change Default Excerpt Length in WordPress

July 08,2014 | Post in: Website

If you are using wordpress for your website, you may find wordpress output all the post content in your homepage, this is truly annoy. We know there are several method to customize it. How to Customize

User Roles Explained in WordPress

June 16,2014 | Post in: Website

Different users may have different capabilities, in wordpress, there are six pre-defined roles: Administrator (Only for Multisite), Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber. The

How to Install a WordPress Theme

July 08,2014 | Post in: Website

This article introduce how to install wordpress themes, in fact we often need to install a theme from wordpress official site or our customized themes. Even it is very easy to install it, but I demonstrate

How to Change Avatar in WordPress

July 08,2014 | Post in: Website

There are serveral default avatars in wordpress, but many people don't like them, If you want to change the default avatar, you can choose a convenient method for yourself instead of all of them

What Should Be Done Before WordPress Upgrade

July 07,2014 | Post in: Website

WordPress Version 3.9 has Released for many days, this upgrade has fixed so many bugs or potential problems, we should update it as quickly as possible, from the wordpress working panel


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