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How to Set SPAN with Nowrap

July 30,2014 | Post in: Programming

If you use float style with SPAN tag following other normal text, you may get a wrap text in result. Here some test example of span with nowrap. 1. Make the text nowrap in float:right Test example:


How to Fixe Span Width in CSS

July 30,2014 | Post in: Programming

In this post, I give some examples for fixed width span, including independent line fixed width, same line fixed width and same line with centered style fixed width. 1. Like <span>ABC</span> SPAN

How to enable PHP short tags

July 30,2014 | Post in: Programming

I find php outputs source in my new codes, finally I know it is a problem about the short tags settings. In fact I write php codes within <?php ?> normally, so I never get this issue. Now I know

Auto-Resize Image Using CSS

July 28,2014 | Post in: Programming

I have to say it is very annoying to resize an image using css. In fact this job can be well-done by CSS if there are no much editions css in different browsers. Of course, if you do not think about

Auto-Resize Image Using Javascript

July 27,2014 | Post in: Programming

It is easy to resize an image using Javascript, the only thing we need to do is adding a onload even function in the image codes. This post will introduce a sample from my website. The width and height

How to Get Current Date in JavaScript

July 24,2014 | Post in: Programming

We get current data in javascript directory, of course, this date will be the client time, it may be not correct. I think you should not use this time as a crucial usage.  Sample 1:  Add

What is MIME Type

July 14,2014 | Post in: Programming

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is a series of internetl stands, the main purposes are to extend a standard method of email content delivery. Of course MIME is now using in more aspects, eg

Top Five Code Syntax Highlighter

July 10,2014 | Post in: Programming

Here I list ten syntax highlighter plugins for wordpress and other website or hosting(Apache, Mozilla, Freshbook, etc), nor all the plug-edge test.  If you are using WordPress, most of them can be

Parse and Change Query String with Multiple Values in PHP

July 03,2014 | Post in: Programming

We often need to rebuild the url query string while we  are developing PHP, and we know there many methods to accomplish it. Here I write two samples as your reference. If you have a simple, reasonable

Introduction of Code Syntax Highlighter

June 16,2014 | Post in: Programming

If you are a programmer or are using wordpress, you must have known there are many code syntax highlighters, Syntax Highlighter is a famous one and support almost all the common languages,


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