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Yum Install MySQL on CentOS

July 31,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

We cam use yum command to install mysql on CentOS, Redhat, but if your Redhat is not registered, you can not install software packages with yum online, but you can install them by using offline

How to Install Software in Linux

July 28,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

Installing software in linux is not convenience than in windows. We can get the installation windows by double clicking *.exe files in windows, but this does not work in linux. Yes, we need to use

How to Create User and Group in Linux

July 30,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

Create a user or a group in linux is easy, if you are using ubuntu with the lastest edition, you can add user in a friendly UI, but this post will introduce how to add user and group with a series command.

Update Time Via Network in Linux

July 20,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

If you want to synchronize time on computer via network in linux, command rdate is a good selection. rdate can query a time-server with RFC-868 proxy. This tip will introduce how to update time in linux

How to Change File Timestamp in Linux

July 20,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

We may get a warning from the complile that "make: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete.". That says we need to change the file timestamp to a correct value. There are two

How to Set Date Time in Linux

July 18,2014 | Post in: Linux Application

If we have no any GUI installed or have no network connection in our linux system with inaccurate time, what can we do to update date and time ? Yes, there are  also ways for us. Date command is

How to Restore Partition From Backup Using Ghost

July 05,2010 | Post in: Linux Application

Previous article has introduce how to backup partition to a .gho file, here we'll restore from the backup file. It is too simple, I list all the screenshots about the operation, my english is so poor, I hope you can get the idea from it. I think that I will do better in coming articles using english. appreciate for your patient.


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