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Some Free DNS Server IP Address

July 27,2014 | Post in: Hosting

DNS (Domain Name System) is not NS (Name Server) in domain registration services, DNS is for public usage and everyone can access the system with a proper connection. This post I list some free DNSIP address

Apache Starting httpd: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed

July 24,2014 | Post in: Hosting

When I install apache in CentOS nowadays, I get a warning "Starting httpd: httpd: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for myservername´╝î httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully

How to Choose Best VPS Hosting

July 14,2014 | Post in: Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a popular second only to the dedicated server between virtual hosting and dedicated server. Now VPS is very cheaper than years ago. Virtual hosting may be the best choice

Limitations of Virtual Web Hosting

July 12,2014 | Post in: Hosting

We know there are many virtual web hosting who called there are no limitations in diskspace, network transfer, and emall accounts, but would this be true? In fact there so many limitations as default,

How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting

July 07,2014 | Post in: Hosting

This is a wordpress hosting guide for beginners, many bloggers like wordpress, but there is often a annoy work before writing your articles, that is wordpress hosting selection. Usually your objective

What is call-in PIN on Registration

July 08,2014 | Post in: Hosting

When you are making a new account in godaddy or other website, you may be required to input a call-in PIN in the form. but what is the call-in PIN? CALL-IN PIN is a serial customer identify numbers Usually

How to Get Refund From Godaddy

July 11,2014 | Post in: Hosting

No matter we are using domains or hostings in godaddy, we will get a money back guarantee from godaddy within a limited policy. Especially when we buy a new product from godaddy a moment ago. If you

How to Cancel Auto-Renew on Godaddy

July 09,2014 | Post in: Hosting

When we register domain names in Godaddy, or set a new hosting, Auto-Renew will be a default setting for your product. Of course, the renew bill will apply to your default payment method (credit card,


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