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R cannot be resolved to a variable

July 31,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

There are many possible reason that you will get "R cannot be resolved to a variable" in eclipse. This post I will list some of them that I have met. 1. Your package has been changed, but not

MySQL Data Type and Sizes or Ranges

July 30,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

1. MySQL Data Types There are mainly five data types in MySQL: Interger Type: BIT、BOOL、TINY INT、SMALL INT、MEDIUM INT、 INT、 BIG INT Float Type: FLOAT、DOUBLE、DECIMAL String Type:

How to Mass Delete Spam Comments on WordPress

July 03,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

For many wordpress users, there are so many comment spam everyday, if he does not use some plugins to due with them( such as Akismet, etc). He must be very angry about these spams. If you want to delete

Remove Links from Comments in Wordpress

July 03,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

There are more and more spammers in my another wordpress blog, they post various comments with some links in it, few of them are useful for my article. So I want to remove these links in comments.

Top 3 Webpage Screenshot Extensions for Chrome

July 03,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

Here are three popular webpage screenshot extensions for chrome, we know there are some other screenshot extension in Google chrome, but we do not them entirely. I believe you can find one of them

Change Default Search Provider in Internet Explorer

June 16,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

Many people are not accustomed to use Bing as the default search engine in internet explorer. Usually we can set the default search providers in the first time. there is a simple way I will demonstrate

Backup and Restore Bookmarks in Firefox

June 16,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

Every people have many bookmarks in his/her firefox.  we should backup these bookmarks for a regular days. It is very easy to backup or restore bookmarks in firefox. Here it is a simple tutorial demonstration. How

Double Click Close Tab Extensions

June 16,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

Close tab by double click extension is the best add-on I have used, I install it in whatever browsers. Here I collect some add-ons (plugins) about double click close tab for main popular browsers.

Set Your Startup and Homepage in Chrome

June 16,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

In chrome browser, the startup and home page do not mean one thing. The start up settings only affect the chrome start, it has different settings. Surely, it is too easy to set a homepage in chrome, but

20-Popular Extensions of Firefox

June 16,2014 | Post in: Gadgets Software

This article recommend some popular extensions of firefox. Extension is not plug-in, you can only find several plug-ins in official site. but the mount of extensions is very large. I collect some of them


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