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How to Choose Strong Passwords

July 20,2014 | Post in: Data Security

A strong password is the first barrier for protecting your computer, mobile, laptop, and other systems, even we know the passwords are not all. Setting a strong password is still essential and

How to Create a System Backup Using Ghost

July 05,2010 | Post in: Data Security

This article describes how to create your system backup using symantec ghost in DOS mode manually, before starting, you must have a DOS boot disk such as a U-disk or bootable CD, and must build-in the sysmantec ghost. If you have a winpe boot disk, you can accomplish the same effect in your winpe environment, but not in DOS mode.

A Good Habit is the Best PC Protection

March 24,2010 | Post in: Data Security

In my Life, every month, there are a few friends ask me for helping to sovle their PC problems. almost all the problems are so minor. some friends lack of maintain practice due to their jobs, but some friends can not process these issues althougn they engage in ITs. more bad habits can easily make their data lost. Now I want to say, a good habit is the best PC protection. but how to build a good habit?  of course, there are so many routine details or attention, I hope this chapter will give you some good advice and a little helps. of course, for your reference only.


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