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Using Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

July 22,2014 | Post in: Boot Recovery

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool allows you to create a copy of your Windows 7/8 ISO file on a USB flash disk or a DVD disc. It is easy. Just following these steps. 1. Download Windows

How to Update MSI BIOS

July 14,2014 | Post in: Boot Recovery

I use msi motherboard for the first time, but there are so many small problems with it. eg, Network abnormal, Sound abnormal, USB mouse abnormal, ... Fortunately, I have some tricks to avoid them,

How to Set or Reset BIOS Password

June 16,2014 | Post in: Boot Recovery

It is necessary to set a strong BIOS password to prevent a unauthorized starting up, the visitor will be hold back outside the operation system. Setting BIOS password is very easy, all the laptop

Remove Windows XP From Dual Boot Windows 7/XP

August 19,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

Assumed you have a dual boot windows operation systems, one is windows 7(installed in drive C:\), the other is windows XP(installed in drive D:\), then you can remove windows XP at any time by following these steps that will be demonstrated in this article.

Remove Windows 7 From Dual Boot Windows XP/7

August 17,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

Many people like to install a dual boot windows for testing or using, if he or she does not need it, removing one operating system may be a good choice. Here it is a example to remove windows 7 from dual boot windows XP and windows 7. For convience, the system that will be deleted should be in the second drive(usually D:\), if your windows 7 is installed in the first drive, windows XP in the first drive, if you want to remove windows 7, reinstall windows 7 is a good choice instead of removing methods introduced in this article.

Install Windows 7 From Hard Disk in Vista

August 10,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

Previous article has introduced how to install Windows 7 from hard disk in Windows XP, some methods may be take effect in vista operating system. But there may be some different. For exmaple, you do not need to copy some bootable files from windows 7 again. You can use Vista's recovery mode directly. So I take this point in a single article which will introduce how to install windows 7 from hard disk in Vista. I hope this will give the starter some convenience.

Extract Files From Image File Using Ghost Explorer

July 17,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

Ghost Explorer is a good image file(.gho) manager. When you create a backup for your systems, you can extract any files or folders from the image file at any time. You do not need to restore your GHO file to any partition, just use Ghost Explorer to perform it.

How to Use Recovery Environment in Windows 7

July 09,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

This article introduce how to enter recovery environment in windows 7, and some usage demonstration. Windows recovery environment(RE) is a is a set of tools to help diagnose or recover your operating system. windows RE is based on winpe 3.0 in windows 7. This is the main use of window recovery environment.

How to Delete Windows 7 Hidden Recovery Partition

July 05,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

In windows 7 installation, if you does not devide your system partition previously. Windows 7 will create a hidden system partition, the size depend on your disk's size, it's 100M or 200M normally. Many people do not like it and want to delete this hidden partition. Here it is the method I have verified.

How to Clear and Reset CMOS or BIOS

May 23,2010 | Post in: Boot Recovery

When you are suffering an unkown BIOS password or a chaos BIOS setting, you may need to clear CMOS/BIOS settings. that will reset the BIOS to the initial status. Here I list some conditions that you may need to clear the BIOS, but you must not always should do it like that if your BIOS support to load default settings which I will introduce below.


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