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Why Should We Upgrade to New BIOS

We are often hearing about upgrading BIOS in PCs. I know many people are very interested in it. but why should we upgrade it to a new one. if you need it? Here I list some reasons about upgrading BIOS that may have some help for you.

We know FLASH is now often used as popular BIOS chipset for upgrading at anytime easily. I think there is another important reason, now days, all types of hardware replacement very quickly. so the BIOS designment can not support so many new hardware timely. so upgrading features are becoming more and more popular.


* BIOS upgrade may have risks for you computer, if you are not experience about it, please do not try anything. even you have a dual BIOS.

* If your computer works OK, please do not excute BIOS upgrade, I have met one situation: the older version of BIOS works OK, but the new one does not.

Main Purposes of BIOS Upgrade

Generally speaking. There are two main purposes of BIOS upgrade.

1. To obtain new features.

We can get many new features through BIOS upgrade freely. in particular, some new types of CPU support, large storage media support and new types of hardware, etc.

Here there are two methods to obtain new features, one is throught the new BIOS which comes from the vendors, the other is the BIOS modified by the experience professinal. for example, if you can modify the boot screen in BIOS, open some hidden features in BIOS, if you know and you can.

2. Making the extensive BIOS bug soloved.

BIOS is also a small program. yes it has bugs oftenly. these bugs are can not be found easily only because many people do not meet the excit conditions. for instance, they may be found in some particular hardware or software. for more, for many people, they are not sure it is BIOS bug even if they meet it as the lack of experience.

After received some user's feedback about the BIOS drawbacks. the manufactures will test, verify and try to fix them. and then a new BIOS version will be borned with some new solutions. because BIOS is a particular program, if the users do not install some special upgrading programs. he or she can not receive any BIOS upgrade information, this do not like windows upgrade. So the new version of BIOS are oftenly published in the verdor's website. If you do not visit it. you may lose it.

Some Methods of BIOS Upgrade

Online BIOS upgrade, floppy BIOS upgrade, U disk BIOS upgrade, special software BIOS upgrade, burning tools BIOS upgrade, etc.


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