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Where to Find the Motherboard Manufacturer and BIOS Version

This post introduce about how to find the motherboard manufacturer and BIOS version, I know there are so many people who can't get the right BIOS versions when he(she) want to update BIOS or repair it. I hope everyone can due with these issues in my article. If it doesn't work for you, please let me know. I think I can help you more.

1. From the screenshot while the computer is powered on.

When the computer is powered on, we can see a screen like this. Because this screen will splash in short time, you must press Pause/break key to freeze it. 

this screeshot is from my desktop computer. we can see from it, BIOS type: Award Modular BIOS. Version: v6.00 PG. The next GA-MA78GM-S2HP F1 is the model of motherboard.

2. Handbook of the computer or motherboard

We can get the BIOS manufacturer and BIOS version from the handbook of computer. It is usually in the part of BIOS function of computer specifications, including the volume of FLASH ROM, BIOS brand and BIOS versions, etc.

Here it is BIOS function of ASUS P7HH55-V motherboard specification:

It is BIOS function of Intel P55 specification:



3. Checking BIOS in the motherboard by label marks.

But where can I find the BIOS position? If you are experiencing in hardware, you can open the computer shield, and look for a chip which is on the side of south-bridge or DIMM socket. (Here you should make the mainboard structural picture a good reference). Because AMI chip has so many model, I will list some of them soon. you can search it from the search engine by the chip model.

For some experiencing people, they can make sure about it once a peer. If you can't, you may look for the manual book, there was motherboard structure picture in it, like this.


If you have find the bios chip, write down the label and the model, you can get the BIOS details from the official website by these and the motherboard model. From the BIOS chip, you can identify it by the help of motherboard stucture picture.

4. By test software or the system information

There are so many useful gadgets that can check system informations, for instance, EVEREST, BIOS Wizard, etc, We can get the BIOS information, such as BIOS vendor, BIOS ID, etc.

Notes: If you want to use the software BIOS Wizard, please stop working and save all your documents opened at first. Because I meet the blue screen when I test it :(, but EVEREST is OK.

And also we can get it from the system information, press Start button, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then System Information, you can see system information if you select the left column System Summary.

5. Find the manufacturer by accessing BIOS

We can find the manufacturer in the BIOS, different laptop or motherboard may have different BIOS, I believe you can find the hardware and software version information in it. If you dont know how to access BIOS, please refer to another post in my blog. How to Access and Exit the BIOS Setup Ultility

I believe you can find the manufaturer and BIOS version from the methods mentioned above. If you failed again :(, I hope you can input the keyword of your mothboard model and BIOS type in the search engine, for instance, Google, and try again, If you need help, please let me know.

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Posted by: suba| /03/26/13 | 16:40 pm |
without administrative password can we enter in to the bios setup
and as well can we flash the bios.plz rply
Posted by: waqas| /12/09/10 | 12:56 pm |
could you please tell me how to check the BIOS serial number and the model number? please reply me back it's urgent

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