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What's the Shortlinks in WordPress

The shortlink is a new feature from WordPress 3.0, providing URL shortening service, although the function is simple, but for some social networking or short URL services it may be very useful, it seems there are some shotlink plug-ins in previous version, but now WordPress 3.9 can be directly used to shorten the default Web site.

Notes: URL shortening is the shortened URL, convert or map a long URL address to a short address, it will be are easier to remember and spread. Also there are some special websites supplying abbreviated services, which is equivalent to the shortlinks in wordpress, only their links are based on a map mechanism. But the shortlinks in Wordpress are all real.

How to View Shortlink in WordPress ?

You should enable permalinks feature and set create a custom URL structure at first, that will change the default URL of your archives. If not, you can not see anything about the shortlinks( in fact the default URL is just the shortlinks). You can only view the shortlink in the edit mode, if you are adding a new post,  there will be no any shortlinks appeared, because a new post does no been saved into the database (No consider about auto-draft), so it has no definite ID which is the default parameters of shortlinks.

Manually modifying these Shortlinks are prohibited, I look up the source code, it seems that only through the filter function (or plug-ins) for processing in a specific wp-includes\link-template in the wp_get_shortlink function description (pre_get_shortlink), if there is no filter, the default form is spliced into "?p=id".

The Default Form of Shortlink Generated

If you have enable the shortlinks feature(Enabled as a default in Wordpress 3.0 and later), The published articles usually have this codes:

<link rel='shortlink' href='http://localhost/?p=11' /> is just the shortlink of that article. the previous canonical is to prevent duplication contents for the search engine, if you do not enable permalinks, you will see nothing about shortlinks, because the two addresses are the same, so do not generate actually.


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