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What Should Be Done Before WordPress Upgrade

WordPress Version 3.9 has Released for many days, this upgrade has fixed so many bugs or potential problems, we should update it as quickly as possible, from the wordpress working panel or the official site. Commonly we should update wordpress to the last version, But before the updating, what should be done?

1. Check

First of all, you should check back the new version's requirements, we know, every new version will has a good compatible with the older mysql and php's version earlier, but now, wordpress is becoming more and more complex, in paticular, more codes are wasted in compatible older systems. So there is very necessary to discard some redundant features.

So before your update, you should check the new version wordpress's requirements from:

2. Backup

If you decide to upgrade your wordpress right now, you should back up some contents listed here, Usually you should backup them all even if you know why you don't need. If you don't know more about the wordpress updating, I think you should backup all the files of your wordpress, or move the important contents to another safety directory.

  • WordPress Database, all your posts, comments, almost all the settings, etc are in.
  • Some files which have been changed by you manually, excluding your current theme, uploading directory, which will be keep on without any changed for wordpress. Usually these files will be replaced by new version. You may need to check or modify these personal files to make sure they will work proper in the new version.
  • .htaccess files if you have change it manually.

3. Disable Plugins

For every new version, wordpress can not test it for all plugins. This is a very common problems  in wordpress update, some plugins can not work in new wordpress, you need waiting for a new version of the plugin. So disable plugins may avoid some extensive problems with the new version.

4. Upgrade

For many wordpress users, automatic upgrade is a good choose. But you can download the last version from the official site and update it manually. that has the same effect.

More Links: How to update Wordpress: Automatic update

5. Test the update

When you finished upgrade, please do not enable your plugins right now, you should check the effect at first, if you find no problems, enable them then.

If you have some trouble with your wordpress upgrade, you can look for helps from the official site or let me know without any hesitation.

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