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What is call-in PIN on Registration

When you are making a new account in godaddy or other website, you may be required to input a call-in PIN in the form. but what is the call-in PIN?

CALL-IN PIN is a serial customer identify numbers

Usually call-in PIN is serial numbers, it must be not so long or complicated for typing in a telephone. we know it's 4-digital number for godaddy. These numbers should be set and remembered by the new registers.

When you call the customer service for your hosting or domain questions, you may be required to input these numbers to approve that he/she is the right person.

Please do not use 1111, 1234, etc as your call-in PIN, these numbers are too weak.

You can modify CALL-IN PIN at anytime

You can modify call-in PIN in your dashborad when you finished registration. Please remember your new call-in PIN while you have changed it. That's it.

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