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Welcome to CalPass

CalPass is a private passwords/notes/album keeping app.  Before using CalPass, there is something you should know as below.

1. Where will the data be saved ?

All your privacy data will be saved and encrypted locally, including all passes, categories, notes, albums and system settings, etc. 

For security consideration, all these data will not be uploaded to any server.

2. How can CalPass assure these data security ?

Your secrets are encrpted using AES-256 algorithm, this algorithm is the best popular safe and secure one in the encryption region. If you want to know more about it, click this:

The AES keys we are using are a series of random strings, and saved and encrypted in iphone Keychain,  See here:

for more details. No any others except CalPass with proper certification can read this key which is different each other for all CalPass users.

3. Can I backup/restore my secrets ?

Yes, everyone can backup/restore his/her secrets anytime without any restriction. No matter he/she is a subscriber. All these backups are encrypted too, you can get them from itunes file sharing as described in our website.

Even more, you can share them if you need that. We suggest you execute your backups periodically, and save them to a proper location carefully.

4. Can you help me find it back if I lost the master password ?

No, nobody can do that except you remember the recovery key, you can use the initial recovery key to reset your master password. If you have forget that, nobody can help you.

Because everyone who is using CalPass has a different recovery key, so you must remember the recovery key carefully.

5. If I want to reset my iphone, what works should I do ?

If you prepare to reset your iphone, you must backup your certification(This function will be open for everyone), If you don't do that or lost that certification, forget your password, then you can not enter your CalPass again, nobody can help you including us.

6. What about the self-destruct ?

You can switch on the Self-destruct function, If your CalPass encounters 5 times failure in login screen, CalPass will destroy all the current secrets and restore to the initial empty status. So all the data will be clear without any worry. We suggest you give it a try when you first use CalPass.

Warning: If your CalPass is using by a baby/child, make sure this organisum will not be actived by them, or your data may be cleared by mistake.

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