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Usage of Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7

When windows 7 is installed, the Home Network or Work Network is usually chosen, Home Network is to create a home user connection, the Work Network is to create a working network. there is another network type called Public Network we rarely use it.

Home Network requirements you must connecte to the home network system, all clients must install the Windows 7, Office network is more compatible, even if you're at home, you can also choose this setting, this is applicable to most users.

But no matter what installation options, we can modify the network connection type at any time when you finished Windows 7 installation.

How to Change the Network Type in Windows 7? Just follow this:

1. Open the Control Panel from your Start Menu in the taskbar.

2. Click view network status and tasks in Network and Internet. Screenshot shown this:

3. Here it is the Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel. Most network configuration can be completed here.

For windows 7, most of the work, such as installing the basic network protocols, etc, are already finished automatically, you do not need more operations commonly unlesss you have found some wrong with it.

But if you want to assign a specified IP address for the network adapter or want to share files or a printer. You may need to configure in the Network and Sharing Center. In this article I demonstrate how to change the network type in windows 7.

How to Change the network connection type in Windows 7?

Click to Work Network in Figure 1, the position is next to the icon of Network, because my computer has been set as a part of Work Network, if the your default setting is the Home Network, click it surely. we will see the following window:

Here we will complete the windows 7 network types changing and network connectivity changes. First of all you should make sure what your network type you will choose.

A. Select the "Home Network" also need to set the configuration of the family group and view the master set of codes (10 code can also be modified) for use to join the family group. Optional settings in the family group shared library configuration is set up which content (pictures, music, video, documents), etc. to join to share, to create a home network to join the home network to ensure the computer to install WINDOWS 7. Moreover, the main group of family members of the network password in any computer can see.

B. If you choose "Work Network", it just points click on it; as a home network set up and use them now, still a little trouble, virtually all of the family network, it can function in the work of the network are also can be achieved, recommend home users are still recommended to set the working network, setting method is simple, easy to maintain, they do not have installed on each machine on Windows 7.

C. if you choose a "Public Network", then WINDOWS 7 will be off by default network discovery, and other machine can not find this machine, can not share files, of course, further configuration changes can be shared or discovered.

You can select a proper netwok type for your actual situation. Here there are some advice:

  • For a single user, any network type may suit you.
  • If you are at home, and want to set a Home Network, and want to sharing some of your photos or musics with other fimily memebers, Home Network may be a good choose.
  • If you are running between your home and office. Work Network may be a proper selection.

Note: If you only want to create a new connection or network, follow the next part, you do not need to change the network type usually.

How to Set up a new connection or network?

Click the "Set up a new connection or network" in the Figure 1. Here the screenshot of Set up a Connection or Network.

Some Selections list here:

  • Connect to the internet - Set up a wireless, broadband, or dial-up connection to the internet
  • Set up a new network - Configure a new router or access point
  • Manually connect to a wireless network - Connect to a hidden network or create a new wireless profile
  • Connect to a workplase - Set up a dial-up or VPN connect to your workplace
  • Set up a dial-up connection - Connect to the internet using a dial-up connection
  • Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network - Set up a temporary network for sharing files or an internet connection

Configure the settings in Advanced sharing settings

Click Change advanced sharing settings in Figure 1 to modify the configuration, commonly if you met a sharing problem or can not share your files or printer to others, you may need to check here. Screenshot shown this:

In these settings, there are two main part, one is Home or Work, the settings will affect Home Network and Work Network, the other is Public, the settings only affect Public Network.

For more configurations of network, please refer to my coming articles. I will demonstrate some basic settings about dial-up connection, VPN, DSL dial-up connections, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments.


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