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Usage Guide - Sharing

You can share your logins, contacts, notes and photos easily in SecPass, There are serveral methods to do that.

A. Login and notes

1. Click Account tab and select Backup items in the configuration view

2. Select Login or notes, and then select your categories from the table lists

3. Click Share button on the top-right side

B. Contacts

1. You can share a single contact at contact details view by click the barcode button


1. You can share all your contact selections like your sharing of Login and notes mentioned above

2. But remember the default format is *.vcf, including all your selections

C. Photos

1. Share photos in Backup -> Photos -> Share


If you are sharing some photos , you may encounter some small questions because of the destination software limitation, this is not SecPass's bug, If you see it, please decrease your selection counts in your sharing.

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