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Usage Guide - Settings

SecPass support almost all the basical settings for most users, such as

  • Change Password,
  • Auto-Clear Password,
  • Self-Destruct,
  • Auto-Hidden Password,
  • TouchID login,
  • Back up & Recovery (More reading in a single guide)
  • Loadout & Sharing
  • Account management
  • Storage management
  • Interchange between devices(More reading in a single guide)
  • Subscription

1. Change Password

When you first use SecPass, you are required to input your Master password for SecPass, but you can change this password in the Settings screen. We suggest you set a complex password with a length bigger than 8 bytes. Specially please do not use these simple password even if you open Self-Destruct, such as 123456, 111111, 666666, 888888, ... they can be guessed for every person and decrypter softwares.

Change Password Steps:

  • Input your current password
  • Input your new password
  • Repeat your new password
  • Press Save on the top-right side

2. Auto Clear Password

Auto Clear Password means SecPass will auto-clear the clipboard when copy some screts to clipboard in SecPass, in the current SecPass, it is 45 seconds after you copied action finished. If the time expiration is coming, the clipboard will be empty by SecPass, so if you need to use the copy content, you must copy that again.

This design is to avoid memory secrets leakage.

3. Self-Destruct

If you lost your iphone/ipad, some others may try to login your SecPass with his/her suspicious codes, So if you open this switch, He/She only has 5 times for login operation, no matter his reboot iphone/ipad or relauch SecPass.

If he/she encounter 5 times failure in logins, SecPass will destroy all the current data.


  • You will see the times left in the login button when you login failed with a opening Self-Destruct switch.
  • Please make sure you will lost nothing about your secrets if you are testing this function.
  • Self-Destuct is meaning all the current records will be removed without any backups or confirmations.

4. Auto-Hidden Password

When you are viewing logins in a public place, Auto-Hidden can help you protect your passwords from been seen by some others. The password will be showed as some **** when 5 seconds timer ended.

5. TouchID login

SecPass support TouchID login will take effect in these scenes:

  • You have open this switch in SecPass settings
  • You have login SecPass with your masterpassword in the first login

TouchID login will be closed automatically if you have login failed with masterpassword.

6. Load out & Sharing

You can export your secrets out and save/print it to a piece of paper periodically, and destroy the previous ones with the newest loadout. Then you will have a permanent and physical backups. For some users, it may be very useful. 

Warning: if you are using loadout, make sure you are keeping these clear backups will be saved safely without SecPass!

7. Account management

SecPass subscriber can see the expiration with a login email, account login will give "SecPassers" more great functions in the coming versions. Such as sharing, recommendation, free try experiences, etc. 

8. Storage management

SecPass support album protection, so we offten add/remove these photos in the daily usage, some "debris" may be produced, if you find you have a huge backup you may need to compress your SecPass. 


If you are not familar with compress, or you have none of a existing backup, please do not try this in SecPass.



More usable functions will be coming soon, and most of them will be opened for all users. Just be patient and enjoy the current experience.

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