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Usage Guide - Photos

Photo category is for saving some private photos such as Screenshots, Favorites, or take a Secrets photo, etc. Follow these steps:

1. Select a photo category in Categories tab and click to enter

2. You will see all the photos in the collection view if you have had some in here.

3. Click the + button on the bottom-left side.

4. You can select Import from album or just Take a photo from camera


Assume Importing from album:

5. Select photos(No more than 10 pics for onetime considering encrypting consumption)

6. Click OK to import and waiting for the end


Assume Take a photo from camera:

5. Select Take a photo

6. Click Use Photo and waiting for the end



Because all the photos will be encrypted in CalPass, so the speed may be effected by the import operation, please give it patience for the end without any interruption.

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