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Usage Guide - Categories

You can manage your Logins/Notes/Photos categories in the same screen(Categories Navigation Tab) with a normal switch controller in the top side. Normally CalPass will create these three default categories when you first use CalPass, but you can edit it but not delete it.

1. Add a new Login/Notes/Photos category

Follow these:

  • Click the + button to add your custmized categories.
  • Type a propriate title and write something about this category
  • Click Save button to make it visible in the categories screen

2. Delete/Remove a current category

  • Tap the current item and pull to left, then you will see two buttons (Edit/Delete)
  • Select and click Delete 
  • Confirm to continue


you can not remove a category which having some logins, notes or photos in it. If you want to do that, please remove these records first.

This is designed to avoid any deleting operation for mistakes

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