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Usage Guide - Backup

For all SecPassers, you should excute your backups periodically, but we recommend only two or three recent backups should be kept and discard all the earlier backups. You can excute your backup and recovery in SecPass easily. But there is something you should know listed here:

1. You should transfer all your backups to your Mac/Windows PC as you have created

2. And remove all the backups from your iPhone/iPad

3. If you decide transfer your backups to a new iPhone/iPad, you should create and transfer your interchange file to other space as your backups, and keep your secret keys to another space.


1. Please do not save interchange file and secret keys in the same place!

2. You must remember the correspondence between the interchange file and the secret keys!

3. You must remember the backup file's master password, because you must use it when restore from the backup file!

Create a Backup

Locate to Account > Backup, and you will get the backup screen, you may see some tips and the backup list you have created in the Backup directory. Your backup file's name is like Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.bk or Uxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.bk, M indicate this file is your manual backup, U indicate this file is a upgrade backup. So you dont worry anything will be lost in SecPass even you have a failed upgrade or recovery. These backups can be your last chance to recovery all your data.

Click the Create button and confirm to go and a new backup file will be list in the current screen.

You can export it from iTunes files sharing, like these:

1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac

2. Click the iPhone/iPad ICON in the top side and you will get the device page

3. You will find File sharing in the left and select it

4. Select SecPass in the right app list

5. Backup direcotory will be showed when refreshing completed.

6. Select Backup directory and click the Save... button

7. If you want to import your backups, just click the Add... button

7. All the backups will be exported.

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