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Update Time Via Network in Linux

If you want to synchronize time on computer via network in linux, command rdate is a good selection. rdate can query a time-server with RFC-868 proxy. This tip will introduce how to update time in linux via network.

If you only need to set a predefined datetime, please see: Set Date Time in Linux

1. Introduction of rdate

Usage: rdate [-46acnpsv] [-o port] host
  -4: use IPv4 only
  -6: use IPv6 only
  -a: use adjtime instead of instant change
  -c: correct leap second count
  -n: use SNTP instead of RFC868 time protocol
  -o num: override time port with num
  -p: just print, don't set
  -s: just set, don't print
  -u: use UDP instead of TCP as transport
  -v: verbose output

2. Update system clock via network

sudo apt-get install rdate
sudo rdate -s -u

If you cannot connect to the time-server, just change another from:

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