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Tutorial: Using EasyBoot to Make Bootable CD/DVDs

EasyBoot is a convenience and integrated tool for making bootable CD/DVDs, it can create boot menu, create bootable file automatically, and generate a bootable ISO file easily. If you have a CD/DVD burner and relate software, you can create your own bootable CD entirely.

Some Features of EasyBoot

1. Graphical interface entirely, easy to use and learn even for a newer.

2. The CD-ROM root directory burned only have one directory (EZBOOT) added, does not destroy the original native style.

3. Support up to 36 menu items.

4. Support for up, down, left, right cursor keys and the tab key to select Menu, Enter, Space key implementation.


EasyBoot Download

EasyBoot 5.1.2 download:


EasyBoot Installation

1. When finished download EasyBoot, click Installer.

2. Welcome install EasyBoot5, agreed to the installation license agreement of EasyBoot.

3. Select the installation directory for the EasyBoot.

4. Create a shortcut for EasyBoot, press OK to continue;

5. Select the initial settings for the EasyBoot, where the first two, the first is to create the desktop icon did not say, the next in options is. Ezb format file association, check it OK, so if we double click the . Ezb files next time. it will be opened by Easyboot automatically.

6. Complete installation and run EasyBoot EasyBoot.

How to use EasyBoot?

1. EasyBoot startup interface screen shot is shown above. the left is the main controller, the right window is a preview window. you can close or show the preview through the settings in the main controller(Position: Preview Window).

2. Let's talk about the use of EasyBoot specifically , it seems there are so many settings in EasyBoot, in fact, commonly few of them are used often for making a bootable CD/DVDs.

3. At first, where is the working directory you have set. I suggest set it to the non-system drivers. for instance, D:\.

4. Waiting time is the launch window waiting time, 30 seconds is the default value, if the bootable program doesn't get any operations from the user, the default menu option will be stated.

5. EasyBoot Logo image means whether to show a welcome screen in initial boot routine, it is often used as a advertisement interface. such as a company product, etc., generally do not need.

6. The Background image option is necessary, otherwise the back is a black screen, the background image(BACK.BMP) can be edited by mspaint.exe or any other photo process software. but attention please, the image pix should not be high than 648*480, if so, the final bootable program may have some compatible problems in some lower screen.

7. EasyBoot Screen layout is the planning and design of the boot CD-ROM interface, the text is to control the Display tab in addition to the main menu bar and display text other than the location and effect of prompt information display.

8. EasyBoot Menu bar is to set the mirror of the menu commands, which the menu and what is the meaning of command.

Here you can use EasyBoot to start making your bootale Disk, you can design the boot menu in your personalized style. When you want to generate a ISO image. you should not burn it to a CD/DVD without any testing or validation. Some basic testing should be executed in your virtual PCs(VMWare), and then the real testing of burning.

More Details: Tutorial: EasyBoot Screenshots and Introductions


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