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Tutorial: EasyBoot Screenshots and Introductions

Easyboot is a good prefessional software in making bootable CD/DVDs. you can find many advantages in previous getting started document of EasyBoot. This article, I'll introduce some basic technics about Easyboot's usage in screenshots.

1. CD/DVD Boot Menu Preview

Screenshot above is the "CD/DVD Boot Menu Preview" window, The "Preview Window" simulates CD boot menu effects, and can be edited by mouse or control panel windows. we can find four parts: Layout, Text, Menu and Background image. All parts carry with them corresponding control windows mentioned below.

Background, A image that will be displayed as the background of boot screen.

Text, the bootable interface title.

Menu, list some items of  boot selection.

Layout, A panel of the menu or title text.

2. File Tab of EasyBoot

The "Control Panel Window" is used for menu file manipulation and object management. There are five tabs in Easyboot, File, Layout, Text, Menu, Misc, About.

Some Features:

-File Directory is the working directory, if you want to modify, locale to the disk1(only example from the screenshot), and cut the directory to another. click Open button to open it again.

-Logo Image is similar as a welcome interface. Logo image's size must be 640x480 with 256 colors, it's format must be windows .BMP file with no compression.

-background image, you can modify the back.bmp in the directory disk1, or replace it by a new one. This image must be 640x480, 256 colors, .bmp format and no compression.

-Accelerate key, Run directly means if you press the corresponding accelerate key, the corresponding program will run directly. but Select option means the hot item will be activated.

-Key transfer, this function can transfer all input key to upper case letter or lower case letter unless you disabled it.

3. Layout Tab of EasyBoot

Layout means screen layout. Color area on screen shot used as boot menu background, Parameters include Upper Left /Lower Right Coordinate and Background/Foreground colors. You can get 3D effect by tune 'edge' width and 3 color attribute.

4. Text Tab of EasyBoot

Text strings displayed on screen layout or menu bar, Parameters include Upper Left/Lower Right coordinate ,Text String, Color and Alignment style.

5. Menu Tab of EasyBoot

Highlighted item in the list box indicates the current selection boot menu. There is a corresponded command with each menu bar. Parameters include Upper Left/Lower Right coordinates and Background/Foreground color. Other attributes as following:

Command: often used to load a boot image file or boot from a bootable media.


run dos98.img, load a DOS image

boot 80, boot from the first hard disk.

boot 0, boot from the first floppy

reboot, reboot the computer.

Multiple commands are supported, you can use ";" as the separator between two commands.

Accelerate Key: can be 0-9/a-z/A-Z.

Set as default: set current menu bar as the default highlight one when boot screen appears.

6. Misc Tab of EasyBoot

Here we can set some running commands for special usage, they may be same as the boot menu, or some operations  without any appearance. when boot menu appeared, you can press the key and run it directly, for example, press "q" to quit/exit.


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