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The Difference between Pingback and Trackback

Many bloggers are often confusing pingbacks and trackbacks, but what is the difference between pingbacks and trackbacks? here I list some features of them.

Difference 1:

Pingback and trackback have different protocol mechanism. Pingback works on XML-RPC of notification medium. but the trackback uses HTTP POST.

Difference 2:

If your site has open the pingback function, the pingback should find the URIs in your post and ping them automatically, But the trackback destination needs to be filled with a proper link address and notify it manually.

Difference 3:

The result of pingbacks, similar as: "Article title->Blog name"+"[...] Blog name + Blog Description+...+ Article title [...]"

The result of trackback: Only similar as: "Blog name"+"article excerpt".

Difference 4:

If you update your article, pingback will automatically notify the URIs in your post, but trackback should be excuted manually if you want to.

Difference 5:

Super example: If you have written a new blog, you may need to send a "pingback" to google to update it. while if your blog has some content related to others article, you may need to seed a "trackback" to other's blog manually.  

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