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Take or Edit Control Permissions Manually in Windows 7

Since windows vista, Microsoft has lead into a new permission mechanism to manager some important system files. We are oftenly suffering permission problems in deleting some system files. here are the manual methods to grant the user full control permissions in Windows 7. it works OK in Windows Vista.

1. Add or Edit the file/folder's owner permission

A. Right click the folder or files that you want to grant full control permissions. select properties in the pop menu. (here is the Test user folder, it has been protected by Windows 7, if I delete some appdata files, the operations will be refused.)

B. Click the Security tab and Advanced button, screenshot shown below.

C. Click the Owner tab. and then Edit button.

D. Select the current users or groups, select the check box of Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.  If you want to add some other users or groups. click the Other users or groups. when finished owner settings, press OK to take effect.

E. There will be one/two Windows Security warning window pop up. press Yes/OK to confirm.



2. Grant full control(or Change) permissions for some users.

A. If you grant a user that do not belong to the administrator group. you may need to take the permissions. the method is similar to the above-mentioned content.

Right click the target folders and select Properties in the pop menu, click the Advanced button. in Permissions tab. click Change Permissions button.

B. In Advanced Security Settings, select a proper Permission entries and click the Edit button.


Select these two check boxs: Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent and Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object.

C. In Permission Entry window, you can grant the user some necessary permissions as shown below.

Note: Select the check box of Apply these permissions to objects and/or containers within this container only.

D. When finished setting. Press OK to confirm. Windows Security Warning windows may be shown. Press Yes to continue.

E. Grant the full/necessary control permissions finished. we can find the folder's permission icon has changed.


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