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Step-By-Step Installation Guide for Windows 7

This is windows 7 installation guide for reference, Windows 7 has make many significant improvements in most parts, especially in the user experience, execution speed and security. I think more people are experiencing and feeling windows 7. All will begin from this' tutorial for everyone.


  • You should have a windows 7 installation DVD or a windows 7 ISO image. If you want to install windows 7 from the harddisk, please refer to my coming articles.
  • A DVD-R or a DVD-RW.
  • At first you should change your BIOS settings to make your computer will boot from the CD or DVD. More Referrence: How to Change the Boot Sequence in BIOS


  • Before windows 7 installation, you should be sure whether you should backup some necessary data in your computer if they exist.
  • In windows 7 installation, some wrong operations or mistakes may cause your data lost. You should accept all the guide in your own risks.
  • To reduce loading time, I cropped all the screenshots, their main background are all omitted.

1. Prepare to install windows 7

If you finished all, Plug your windows 7 installation DVD to your DVD-ROM, and reboot your computer. You will get this screen. Press any key to boot from CD or DVD in five seconds.

2. Select your local language and keyboard settings

As shown below, the default language is determined by your windows 7 DVD, here, my windows 7 is a english version and has only one language supportion. If your windows 7 is a ultimate edition, you can install more than 35 multiple language packs when your windows 7 has been installed. Now, we install the default language, click Next.

3. Install Windows 7 Now

The following screenshot, you can click Install Now to start the installation, more people are preferred a new installation, I am too. If you have a older windows in your computer, Here you will see a upgrade options, that is not the focus of this article.

There are nother important entry which called "Repair your computer option" in the left corner. If you have encountered a fatal boot error or want to troubleshooting for your windows 7. Just enter the Windows recovery environment from this option. Now I will install a new windows 7, so I press Install Now.

4. Accept the license agreement

Nothing to say, if you do not accept, you can not continue your installation. Receive and click Next.

5. Select which type of installation

Select Upgrade (upgrade installation) or Custom (Advanced Installation), I recommend everyone to install windows 7 in custom mode. It will be more faster and more reliable. Here I select Custom(Advanced), the installation will be continued automatically.

6. Choose the Partition for windows 7 installation

If you need to perform some certain operations on the system disks, such as formatting, remove, or create a new partition. you can do this by clicking on a drive name, then click the Advanced options, there are some common functions shown in the screenshot. Including deleted to create a new system disk and so on.


1. If you delete a partition manually, and use the free space to create partitions for windows 7, some edition of Windows 7 will generate a 100M or 200M partition reserved for Bitlocker use automatically. More reading:

How to Delete Windows 7 Hidden Recovery Partition

Features of Windows 7 Hidden System Partition

2. If you format some partitions in the drive Options(This format is just quickly format, not the format completely). Installation will can not create a reservation partition.

3. You must select the right partition for installation, Be careful not to lose data for your mistakes.


7. Start to install Windows 7

It takes about 15 minutes (I test it in my computer which has a configuration of 1G memory/80G hard drive/ AMD 5000+ CPU) , the computer may be restarted for  twice or three times.

Restarting screen shown below.

After the last reboot, we set some basic configuraion, such are user account, password and product keys, etc.,

9. Set the User Account and Password

A. Set up the network account, that is the computer name, you can set up according to your own habits.

B. Set the password and string reminder.

C. Input your windows 7 product key, It is a series of string which has 25 characters combined with numbers, you can find in your windows installation DVD package usually, if you are using a OEM windows 7, you may find it on your computer's shield or behind the battery if it is a laptop.

for simplicity, you can ignore this step and try it when windows 7 installation has been finished, you can type and activate your windows 7 at the first 30-days trial period, Click Next to ignore this step.

D. This step is to config the update of Windows 7, there are 3-options: Use the recommended settings, Install important updates only and Ask me later on the three, we chose the last one and click Next. if you don't know, select the first option is recommended.

E. Confirm the date and time, click Next(you can change it anytime).

F. Select your computer's location

This selection will affect the network connection, but you can modify these settings anytime, when you finished installation. Here I select work network.

After the above steps finished, windows 7 will finished installation.


10. Finished windows 7 installation

Windows 7 is the last new windows, normally you need on the current market, after almost all motherboards support 05 are good, but not be sure. Ordinary PC basic need to manually install any driver can use, speed is also great.

The desktop of windows 7.

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