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Some BIOS Problems and Troubleshooting Methods

Here I list some BIOS boot problems and troubleshooting methods. Usually we need no changes in BIOS when we received a new computer. But when the hardware or software has been changed or replaced, or some trouble with it, or we meet any boot problems, we'll need to check the BIOS settings or repair it.

1. CMOS has Low power

If the battery has low power, every startup will lose the previous new settings in BIOS. Usually this can not cause any important problems. it often warned us Press F1 to continue or other warnings. Also there are sometimes it would tell us CMOS Checksum Error. However, you should replace a new battery instead of the older one.

2. BIOS is corrupted

This phenomenon often occured when the BIOS is infected by some anti-virtus, or the BIOS is programed(upgraded) newly, If the BIOS chip is destroyed, you must look for a professional help.

For some motherboards, there are two BIOS designed on the motherboard. You should recovery the backup BIOS to the main BIOS according to the manual book of computer.

3. Peripheral equipment issues

If you install a new PCI card or a new HDD, you may need to access to BIOS and config some settings.

If the BIOS can not find some peripheral equipments, for instance, parallel port printer, keyboard, hard disk, etc. you should check the connections of these device at first. and then enter the BIOS and test again. you may need to modify some settings if needed.

If you find BIOS beep errors. however there so many types of beep codes. but most users cannot rememeber them. So you can due with this issues by a simple method. unplug the peripheral device installed newly. If the BIOS works. then plug it again. If it doesn't work. try another one. this method is so troublesome. but If you used it for several times. you can find some good experience and get it easy for next time.

4. Some popular BIOS beep codes for reference

AMI BIOS Beep Codes Award BIOS Beep Codes

IBM BIOS Beep Codes Phoenix BIOS Beep Codes

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