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Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8

In fact, there are many protected files and folders hidden by Windows to avoid to be deleted by mistake. But this post will introduce how to view/show hidden files and folders in Windows 8. If you are using Windows 7 or earlier system, I believe you can get some tricks or help from this post. Well, let's beginning.

1. Open File Explorer 

Right-click Left-Bottom Windows Icon, select File Explorer

Click View button in the top side, you will see some view settings in the screen.

2. Open Folder Options

Click Options to view Folder Options, and then click View tab in Folder Options, 

You will see:

  • "Show hidden files, folders, and drivers" - Select this radio to show hidden files, for exmple, C:\Users\Username\AppData, etc.
  • "Hide protected operating system files (Recommend)" - Check this box for showing protected files.

A warning window will be popup when you check "Hide protected operating system files" , just click Yes to continue.

2. Click Apply when you finished changes.

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