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Set Your Startup and Homepage in Chrome

In chrome browser, the startup and home page do not mean one thing. The start up settings only affect the chrome start, it has different settings. Surely, it is too easy to set a homepage in chrome, but I want to demonstrate it again for some new chromers.

Homepage is just a website or a default offline settings when you first open up chrome. Here I list the details of setting homepage and startup settings in chrome.

1. Open chrome at first

Open your chrome browser from the start menu or the icon on the desktop. If you do not have one, I think you may need to install chrome at first :), if that, you may find the newest version from google official website.

2. Locate the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" icon on your Right-Top corner.

Click the customize and control chrome icon, and select Setting item. Screen shot shown below:

3. Here it is google chrome settings

there are two main settings about startup and homepage in the screenshot.

4. Settings about On startup:

Open the home page - When you open chrome, chrome will open the homepage(if have set in Home page) automatically.

Reopen the pages that were open last - chrome will open the last pages, I think more people doesn't like this.

Open the following pages - you can set many sites that will be opened while chrome start up. Usually I select this and add a favorite site of mine, such as

Of course, you can select Open the home page, and only keep one settings about homepage, if so, On startup does not need to input anything.

5. Settings about Home page:

Chrome home page only have two selections: Use the New Tab page meaning a default bookmarks every time.  Open this page means a favorite site will be opened.

Home page will be opened by two ways:

From the chrome start up if On startup has been set to Open the homepage.

From the Homepage Icon clicked manually, If you want to see the effect, select the checkbox of show home button on the toolbar, and click it.

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