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Set Up URL Forwarding in Godaddy

This post introduce how to set up url forwarding for your domains in godaddy, Url forwarding, also called redirection, you can redirect a domain to another by a simple setting.

1. Login your Godaddy account

Open the domain dashboard, screenshot like this:

2. Set up URL forwarding

Select and check your domain, then the forward button will be enabled, Click Forward button on the topside.

Here there are two parts(Main domain, Subdomain), for example, is the main domain, but is a subdomain. Click Add one now>> 

The screen will be(Subdomain):

Usually we should select http:// for most of us, then type your new redirection url, for example, if you want to redirect to, just type, Others to be mentioned:

Redirect type 301 or 302 for your real purpose. 301 is permanent, 302 is temporary.

Forward settings, forward only or hidden url, the difference is the URL displayed in the client browsers.

Click Add when you finished.

3. Save and make it to take effect

If you want to redirect, please set up the forwarding in domain window. Subdomain will be empty.

The new settings will take about 0-24 hours to take effect.

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