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Remove Windows XP From Dual Boot Windows 7/XP

Assumed you have a dual boot windows operation systems, one is windows 7(installed in drive C:\), the other is windows XP(installed in drive D:\), then you can remove windows XP at any time by following these steps that will be demonstrated in this article.


If your windows XP is installed in the first drive, I do not recommend to remove windows xp, because windows 7 is in the second drive. Windows 7 will be working in a non-independent drive, even the windows xp is removed successfully, the original first drive is still essential for windows 7's running(Some bootable files are needed for windows 7). So if you have that type dual boot system, a reinstallation for windows 7 is a good and convenient choice.

Remove Windows 7 From Dual Boot Windows XP/7

Removing Windows XP from dual boot windows 7/XP

1. Reboot your computer and select Windows 7 from the boot menu, you will enter windows 7.

2. Make sure if you have some important data that you should backup, if no, just delete all the Windows XP files in the drive D:\. If there are no any usefule data, you can format D:\ quickly.

3. Now we begin to fix the windows 7 boot manager, yes to delete "Earlier version windows", continue.

4. If you are experienced with some professional software, it is a good choice, for instance, EasyBCD, Bcdautofix, etc.

5. Another way of fixing the boot menu is using bcdedit.exe in windows 7. Just like this.

Delete the earlier windows boot item using bcdedit

1. Running COMMAND prompt as administrator. screenshot as below:

2. Make a backup for the original boot records, just type:

bcdedit /export D:\bootbkup

"bootbkup" is a temporary filename, if the below operations can be excuted successfully in your computer, you can delete it.

3. Type:


to review the complete boot menu. Here it is my boot menu, we can find the windows XP boot entry in the lower half.

4. Type:

bcdedit /delete {ntldr} /f

to delete Windows XP boot entry.

5. Commonly, the operation should be completed successfully. Just restart the computer, the earlier windows entry will disppeared.


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