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Remove Windows 7 From Dual Boot Windows XP/7

Many people like to install a dual boot windows for testing or using, if he or she does not need it, removing one operating system may be a good choice. Here it is a example to remove windows 7 from dual boot windows XP and windows 7. For convience, the system that will be deleted should be in the second drive(usually D:\), if your windows 7 is installed in the first drive, windows XP in the first drive, if you want to remove windows 7, reinstall windows 7 is a good choice instead of removing methods introduced in this article.

If you want to continue, just follow these steps:

1. Restart the computer and select the entry for windows XP, enter the windows xp.

2. Make sure if you have some important data that should be backuped at first in drive D:\, for instance, some user files or documents in the user directory in windows 7. If you finished, delete all the files in drive D:\ or format it quickly. All the data in drive D:\ will be deleted.

3. Even you delete windows 7 in drive D:\, if you reboot the computer, the bootable program will work Okay, because bootmgr and some boot files are in the first drive and controling the system boot.

4. A simple method to fix this problem is to copy ntldr file and paste as a file named "bootmgr" in the root directory of system drive. it will replace the original bootmgr from windows 7. Delete boot directory in the root drive. if you finished, restart your computer, the boot manager will be transfer to windows xp, just OK.

5. If you do not like the fake "bootmgr", you may try these methods to recovey the boot manager to the real windows XP boot.

Method 1:

  • Change the boot sequence from the CD-ROM, and plugin your windows XP installation CD to the CD-ROM.
  • Reboot the computer, when you get the Press any key to boot from CD/DVD......, just confirmed.
  • When entered windows XP installation guide, select Repair installation selection[R]
  • Type 1 (the number of windows XP installation drive, usually drive C:\ is 1, drive D:\ is 2, etc),
  • Type your administrator account and password.
  • Run fixboot and fixmbr command in C:\windows> command prompt.
  • When finished, type exit to exist, the boot menu will be fixed.

Methed 2:

You can use some professional software to fix the boot menu, for instance, easyboot, etc. I will instroduce them in my blog soon.


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