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Privacy Policy

Effective: May 1, 2018

Protecting the individual's privacy is crucial for everyone, so we create this statement to demonstrate our commitment to the individual right.

We appreciate that you are using our software SecPass, please read these contents carefully for your privacy safety.

All your privacy data are saved and encrypted locally in SecPass, including all passes, categories, notes and system settings, etc. All these data will not be uploaded to any server without your permission. If you are using iCloud or iPhone sync backups. These encryption data may be synchronized to other space by iTunes, But we still suggest you should keep and save these backups carefully.

We use iOS keychain to save the core passwords, you can get more information from Apple official site, this means no any others have this password except your device, If you reset your device or take some other actions that cause you lost your password, then you can not enter your SecPass again, please do not contact us, because we have no keys and cannot help you too.

You should set a complex password and perform your regular backups manually, and save them safely. You can copy and backup them at any time, Remember, this is your own responsibility. Make sure you save the contents which copied from this software at right position, and usually they should be saved in encryption contents as in this software.

We are trying our best to keep your privacy saved safely, but we cannot promise something in another point.  Because safety is relative. So if you find any bugs or have any proper suggestions, just let us know, and we will upgrade as soon as possible.

That’s all, enjoy yourself!

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