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Limitations of Virtual Web Hosting

We know there are many virtual web hosting who called there are no limitations in diskspace, network transfer, and emall accounts, but would this be true? In fact there so many limitations as default, or the hosting IDCs have gone bankrupt *_*. Here I know there are many limitations for your webhosting, in fact, not only for virtual web hosting.

1. Basical Limitations for Hosting

These limitations would be a normal proxy for all the IDCs, They do not allow their hostings used for any illegal business. For example, you canno do anything about violation of local law. Including(but not all) copy right, sex, violence,Gambling, Sharper, etc.

If your website is about these content, IDC will closed your hosting, or your account at anytime once they find out.

2. Usage Limitations for Hosting

Even they claim there are no limitations in their hosting, in fact it is not true. Normally:

  • Do not use the hosting to gather content in long time.
  • Do not make your website as a big occupation for the hosting.
  • Do not allow your network usage exceed their limitation(this is not claimed, but it is clear for their technical services)

If you exceed their anticipation, a caution email will be send to you right now, and will guide you how to upgrade your hosting.

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