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Introduction to Dual BIOS Technologies

When the BIOS is damaged or updated failure, the computer cannot boot or start again. because the BIOS parameters and settings has lost. In order to solve this problem, many BIOS makers and motherboard manufactures are seeking good methods to make BIOS stable and reliable. Dual BIOS is a good selection.

Dual BIOS technology has been created for many years, and we can find them in many motherboards. Usually there are two BIOS chips on the motherboard. there are also some Dual BIOS technology use one BIOS chip only. these will be described below.

Due to dual BIOS. when one BIOS(BIOS chip) is broken, then the other one will be enabled automatically. it can recovery the main BIOS/damaged BIOS to a common status. this is Dual BIOS technology.

Currently, there are several popular dual BIOS technology. GIGABYTE Dual BIOS technology, MSI Safe BIOS technology and Twin BIOS technology, etc.

Dual BIOS Technology

GIGABYTE Dual BIOS technology is development from 1999, there are two BIOS chips on the motherboard, one is main BIOS (Master), the other is backup BIOS (Slave), the main BIOS is for daily use. When your computer powered on, the system is only boot up from the master BIOS, if boot failed. you will get a error tips in the screen, for instance "Primary BIOS is not ready, Press F1 to recovery...", when the system will boot up from the backup BIOS. the backup BIOS will recovery its data to master BIOS and make it repaired.

Gigabyte Dual BIOS technology make the computer more reliable and more secure.

Safe BIOS Technology

Safe BIOS technology comes from MSI corporation. Safe BIOS technology does not designed in two real BIOS chip. instead of one BIOS chip. but this BIOS chip is divided into two partitions. When the primary BIOS damaged, the system will boot from another partition, it can also repair the damaged BIOS automatically. But if the BIOS chip is destroyed. Safe BIOS will be useless for recovery. So MSI does not use safe BIOS technology anymore seemly. however M-flash BIOS manager is more popular.

Twin BIOS Technology

Twin BIOS technology is from ChainTech corporation. It is a intelligent dual BIOS technology. There two BIOS chip on the motherboard too. but the relationship between the two BIOS chips is not Master-Slave, they are completely Peer to Peer. Twin BIOS technology allow you configure different setting in the two BIOS. if a BIOS is damaged, they can repaired for each other.

For Gigabyte Dual BIOS, the BIOS chips are usually soldered on the motherboard. but Twin BIOS chips are usually embedded in the socket. this will allow you remove them when the two BIOS are suffering boot problems entirely. this is very easy and convenient.

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