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Introduction to Add-Ons on Firefox

Firefox has so many add-ons(extensions, themes, plugins included), if you are familiar with using these add-ons, you will find you don't need some usual software installed anymore, for instance, FTP, Ad-blocker, collection manger, downloads software and so on.

How many types of Firefox add-ons

I hope my article will make you acquaint with firefox Add-ons in short time. Basically, Firefox add-ons include three types of parts:

1. Extensions - in fact, extension also called plugins in the early, more emphasis from the functional enhancements in the functionality of the Firefox application.

2. Themes -Firefox theme skin pack is mainly used to improve the appearance of Firefox interface, enhanced personalization Firefox, we all used Windows themes, it's very simple to understand.

3. Plugins - Plugins is to increase or enhance features such as display specially formatted pictures or multimedia files. This is the biggest difference between plugins and extensions. Screen shots shown this:

From the keywords, we can understand what's mean it is. Now, let's give a look of firefox add-ons category from the official site.

What's Firefox's plug-in?

I sum up the firefox web site, Firefox plug-ins present, only seven:

1. Adobe Reader - PDF reader, you can read PDF document online after the installation.

2. Adobe Flash Player-Play FLASH.

3. Java - Java runtime environment.

4. QuickTime - from Apple corporation, just like Flash Player, you can achieve pictures, music, video and other interactive or playback.

5. RealPlayer - online player, nothing to say.

6. Windows Media Player-MediaPlayer for Firefox plug-in support for Firefox to use Media Plaer player.

7. Shockwave - designed to play with Director Shockwave Studio software crafted Web page plug, some interactive games, movies, video clips may need to install Shockwave. Almost all the plug-ins do not need to install manually, unless you are encounter a installation tip, firefox will install these plug-ins automatically under your permission.

How many types of Firefox extension?

Since Firefox is an open source browser, Firefox fans around the world that can design and share a variety of firefox plug-ins, overall speaking, Firefox extensions include the following types:

Common Type: Download Manager, bookmarks, toolbars, labels, dictionaries and language, privacy and security.

Worms Family: Feed, News, and blog, photos, music and video, social, and communication interface customization.

Private and tips: Warning and update

Other: Web Development

In fact, most users do not concern at these extensions, if you need it, or want to find some possible extensions, you can try it from the firefox web site, or you can visit myblog, I think I can give you some help.


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