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Install Windows 7 From Hard disk in Windows XP

Here it is the method of installing windows 7 from harddisk in windows XP, one is to install a second system, the other is a complete new installation. if you choose the latter one, your windows XP and also all the data in the system drive may be covered. Please making sure if you have some important data in the system partion, if so, backup them at first before any installation. If you want to install windows 7 as the second system only, It is very simple, the both types of installation will be introduced here.


  • Some mistake operations may cause your original data lost, making sure you are experienced about the installation.
  • You must operate anything in your own risks. please be careful for any operations.
  • If you have any questions about the installation, please look for helps from friends or let me know without any hesitation.

Install windows 7 as a second system in windows xp

Note: Usually your windows XP is installed in drive C:\, then windows 7 can be install in D:\ drive. I do not recommend you install windows 7 in the same drive as the windows XP even it will work on properly.

If you prepared, now begin:

  1. Loading your windows 7 ISO to a virtual drive, or unpack it to a directory temporarily(for instance: E:\win7en), remember please, do not put it in the drive where the windows 7 will install.
  2. Make sure you have no important data that you should backup at first.
  3. Double click the virtual drive, or the setup.exe under the win7en directory.
  4. Continue with the follow steps. Just refer to the links Step-By-Step Installation Guide for Windows 7.

Install windows 7 from harddisk in windows XP newly

Method 1: Using windows XP installation CD

1. Unpack windows 7 ISO to a drive temporarily(ie, D:\win7en) in windows XP.

2. Reboot the computer and change the computer boot sequence from CD/DVD ROM.

3. Plug your windows XP installation CD/DVD and reboot computer.

4. When the computer boot from the installation CD/DVD. Press R to enter the recovery mode.

5. Type the administrator password and press enter.

6. When you entered, you will see the DOS prompt, just type D:\wind7en\sources\setup, and press enter.

7. Next installation steps, refer to the links Step-By-Step Installation Guide for Windows 7 from Step 2.

Method 2: Using windows 7 bootable files to install windows 7 newly

1. Unpack windows 7 to drive D:\win7en

2. Copy bootmgr file and boot directory from the win7en to the system drive(usually it should be C:\).

3. Create a new directory and rename it as sources.

4. Copy boot.wim to the sources directory.

5. Click Start icon, and type "C:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 C:", and then press enter. If you find successful information. that means the boot loading has be changed.

6. Restart the computer, you will be guided into windows 7 installation.

7. Continue with the Next steps, refer to the links mentioned Step-By-Step Installation Guide for Windows 7 from Step 2.


When you get the screen called System Recovery Options. you should start your windows 7 installation from the Command Prompt, Click Command Prompt and type D:\win7en\sources\setup.exe, and press Enter. See details How to Use Recovery Environment in Windows 7.


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