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Install Windows 7 From Hard Disk in Vista

Previous article has introduced how to install Windows 7 from hard disk in Windows XP, some methods may be take effect in vista operating system. But there may be some different. For exmaple, you do not need to copy some bootable files from windows 7 again. You can use Vista's recovery mode directly. So I take this point in a single article which will introduce how to install windows 7 from hard disk in Vista. I hope this will give the starter some convenience.


  • At first you should extract windows 7 files to a single directory, for instance, E:\win7, please do not extract to the objective drive where you will install windows 7.
  • Making sure if you have some important data that you should backup at first. for example, if you want to install windows 7 to partition D:\, you should check the drive D:\.
  • Because Windows 7 is very similar as Windows Vista, so I do not recommend you to install windows 7 as the second system for Vista. A newer single installation may be suitable for you.

Steps of windows 7 installation in Vista

1. Extract windows 7 ISO to a single directory. for example E:\win7.

2. Reboot your computer and change the boot sequence from CD-ROM in BIOS. See Details:

How to Change the Boot Sequence in BIOS

3. Reboot computer and hit F8 in your keyboard before the computer enter the operating system.

4. When you get the Advanced boot options screen, navigate to Repair your Computer, press Enter. See Details:

Explanation of Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7

5. Select a keyboard input method, press Next. See Details:

How to Use Recovery Environment in Windows 7

6. Input your administrator account and password, press OK.

7. Here you will get the System Recovery Options screen.

8. Select the last Command Prompt.

9. Input E:\win7\sources\setup.exe, and press Enter, then your computer will be restarted and enter the windows 7 installation.

10. Next steps follow with Step-By-Step Installation Guide for Windows 7 from Step 2.


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