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Install Display Language in Windows 7 Using Vistalizator

According to the default settings in windows 7, only ultimate and enterpise support multple language switch. So if you want to change the display language after your windows 7 installation. You may need to use a third tools, even the language interface packs(LIP) is available for installation freely for most edition. But LIP is often a basic, incomplete translation.

Install Display Language in Windows 7 Home & Pro

Install Display Language for Windows 7

So we introduce a third tool to install and change the display language in windows 7. Of course, you should download the visalizator at first, and if you are not familar with the language packs in windows 7, you should read some necessary informations shown in the vistalizator website.

Attension Please:

If you using the third tools to install a new display language, you may lose your technogly support from microsoft.

This article is only for learning purposes without any warranty. If you do not accept, please do not do.

1. Download Vistalizator and MUI packs

Some Notes:

  • If you are using windows 7 ultimate or enterprise, please use the system upgrade for changing a new language
  • If you are not a perfectionest, LIP may be a good choice, LIP can be installed directly for most edition of windows 7.
  • Furthermore, continue your reading please.

Next depiction assumed you have Vistalizator application and a desired MUI language pack. I download a zh-hk as the sample. I test it in my Windows 7 Home Basic.

2. Double-click Vistalizator, Run as administrator.

3. Click Add languages, and locate to the new language pack ( a *.exe file).

4. Waiting for analysis completion

5. Click Install language and please wait...

6. Install completed, change the new language as the default display language, click Yes

7.  Restart your system to take effect.

8. Some settings may be needed for you

When you have changed the default display language, you may need to modify some settings related with the language. such as(If have):

  • Control Panel -> Clock, Language, Region
  • Default language in your web browser
  • Some shortcuts

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