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Install Display Language in Windows 7 Home & Pro

You can download the Language Interface Packs (LIP) language packs from microsoft official website:, if your edition of windows 7 supports LIP installation, you will find the "Get it now" link behind your desired language, if not, you will get a "learn how" link. if so, you may find other ways to accomplish a similar operation, this will be introduced in another article.

Here we assume that we have downloaded a sample LIP pack,Afrikaans IP_af-ZA-64bit.mlc. I'll install it in my Windows 7 Home Basic.

1. Double-click the pack file

2. Accept the license

3. View the readme and click next

4. Waiting the installation completion

5. Make sure the process is completed, click next.

6. Switch the display language, Remember to check the box of Apply display language to welcome screen and system accounts.

7. Ok, Restart it now and enjoy it.


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