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Install Display Language for Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise, you can install display language in this article. If your windows 7 is the edition of Home, Premium, Professional, please refer to another article:

Install Display Language in Windows 7 Home & Pro, or

Install Display Language in Windows 7 Using Vistalizator

now, it is time to introduce the basical installation methods in Windows 7 Ultitmate & Enterprise.

Notes: you can choose one of the method as you prefered.

Method 1: Download language packs and install it manually

We can get the language packs from the Windows 7 installation DVD, or a MSDN distribution. You can open the ISO file by winRAR/UltraISO or the other software tools. you may find some directorys like these: /en/, /zh-cn/, ..... "" is the default windows 7 language pack. just pull them out to your local disk as you desired.

1. Open Control Panel and locate to Clock Language and Regions, and select Region and language, click Install/Uninstall languages

2. Click Install display languages,(If you want to uninstall display language, just select the next one)

3. Select Browse computer or network

4. Click Browse to the location of your language packs saved, windows 7 will lookup the number of langpacks and there types. check it and press next.

5. Accept the license, then click next.

6. Waiting for the installation progress compelted

7. A installation result will be shown in minutes, click next.

8. Select a desired language and make the "Apply display language to welcome screen and system accounts" checked. Click Change display language.

9. A notification window will be shown that you must restart windows to make your changes to take effect. Make sure you have save your works and close all programs before restarting.

10. We will see the new display language in next startup.

Method 2: Install language packs in Windows 7 updates

1. Click Start -> Control Panel --> System and security -> Windows Update --> Optional Updates.

2. Select Windows 7 Language Packs in the left side.

3. Select your desired Language Pack, and make it checked. 

4. Click Install Updates and waiting for the completion

5. Go to Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region -> Change the display language

6. Select the new display language option in the dropdown menu(If there are more than one language packs installed in your windows 7, you will see this option ) and click OK.


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