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How to Use Recovery Environment in Windows 7

This article introduce how to enter recovery environment in windows 7, and some usage demonstration. Windows recovery environment(RE) is a is a set of tools to help diagnose or recover your operating system. windows RE is based on winpe 3.0 in windows 7. This is the main use of window recovery environment:

1. Diagnosis and repair your boot problems automatically.

2. Recover your operating system in advanced mode.

How to enter the windows recovery environment?

1. Start your computer and press F8 before the windows's logo appears, when Advanced boot options appeared, select Repair your computer in the selections. screenshots are in the article.

Explanation of Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7

2. Select language and keyboard input mode, screen shot as.

3. Select administrator account and input your password.

4. Then you will get the screen of centralized controller.

How to use recovery tools in windows recovery environment?

These recovery Options are all used commonly, many common problems in Windows 7, such as launch repair, installation, diagnosis, and command prompt are all called here.

1. Startup Repair

When your Windows 7 does not start normally, please try this option to repair.

2. System Restore

You can restore your windows 7 to a backup restore point. In Windows XP, if the operating system has corrupt, you can never restore these point again, because windows xp can not startup again. But windows 7 has a special reserved hidden bootable partition which is more powerful.

System Restore window:

Select Restore Point if it exists:

Select a recent point and press Next.

This is the last step, if you click Finish button, your restore will begin.

3. System image recovery

Select System image recovery, if windows 7 does not find any image in your computer, it will pop up a warning, you must select your image file manually if you want to continue. if windows 7 find one or more system images. they will be list in the window.

Advanced image options, primarily for peripheral storage, network storage location of image restoration

Support network image restoration, Enter the network location of the image can also restore image:

4. Windows Memory Diagnostic

This is used for memory error checking in general if you encountered a memory ERROR, it is for some small problems only, I think you should be sure if your memory has something wrong with it, if so, please try to replace it with a new one to avoid some risks.

5. Command prompt

Screenshot like this, you can run MS-DOS command in it to diagnostic or manage your operating system and system hardware.

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