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How to Update MSI BIOS

I use msi motherboard for the first time, but there are so many small problems with it. eg, Network abnormal, Sound abnormal, USB mouse abnormal, ... Fortunately, I have some tricks to avoid them, for example if bios can not find the network port, the only thing I need to do is to close the computer and touch the ground panel of the board, then it will be fine. If the boot can not find usb keyboard, reboot is necessary for this board. @!#$#$%%^%....

I need to update msi bois, even if there is no any new functions or repair. 

Warning: If you update BIOS with a lower version than you have now, your motherboard or the system may cause a stopping. If you are not familar with BIOS, please do not update it or use the Liveupdate from msi.

1. Update BIOS by live update (Recommend)

First I down liveupdate from the msi official website. Click this link to download MSI Live update directly:

But I recommend you to go to MSI website to download liveupdate from the product pages:

a. Open msi website, Click service & support > Download from the top side.

b. Select your motherboard type from the expanding menu, screenshot like this:

c. Download live Live Update from the Utility tab, and then install it.

d. Double click Live Update Icon in your desktop, and run a scan to view you system information.

e. Select Auto update, check the MB BIOS from the list items if the live update has found some new updates.

Tips: There are many drivers need to update normally, you can select only MB BIOS to update by click the right checkbox.

f. Click Down and install icon on the right.

Screenshot like this:


When live update is updating BIOS, please exit all the running applications. When the DOS prompt popup automatically, please do not close it, live update will close it when updating finished.

2. Update BIOS by MFlash (Premium Update)

Download your proper BIOS package from the msi official website.

a. Open MSI website, Click service & support > Download from the top side.

b. Select your motherboard type from the expanding menu.

c. Download the newest BIOS according its version.

d. Unzip the the file to your USB flash disk.

e. Reboot and access BIOS ( How to Access BIOS Setup Ultility )

f. Select M-Flash in the Left side > One file to update BIOS on the left side.

g. Locate your BIOS file in the flash disk, click it and then press enter.

h. Computer will reboot after updating finished.

Notes: There is a *.exe file in the BIOS zip package, it is for DOS mode update, For example (update command, just a sample for my 7817): C:\7817vA6\AFUDE238 E7817IMS.A60, if you arent familar with command prompt, do not try that *.exe file.

MSI Reference:

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