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How to Update AHCI drivers in Windows 7

I introduced some methods about installing AHCI drivers in Windows XP, but if you are using Windows 7, it seems there is no need to install AHCI drivers again, I think it so for most people. Recently I encountered a phenomenon that my DELL laptop died in sleep mode in Windows 7. I try serveral proper test, finally when finished updating the AHCI drivers in Windows 7, the death phenomenon disappeared. So if you met similar problems, you can try it.


1. What this document discribed is not the only reason that the sleep cannot be wake up. there are so many other reasons, for instance:

* improper ACPI settings in BIOS

* the computer has something wrong in closing some hardware

* a low thermal diffusivity

2. Some broken screen shot man not be blue.

3. This document will discribe about SATA(Serial ATA) hard disk, not for tradition IDE hard disk. Please do not try these operations in a tradition ATA hard disk. That may cause a new blue screen.

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Updating AHCI drivers in Windows 7

1. Click Start, Right-click Computer menu, select properties. Screenshot shown below.

2. In Control Panel -> System and Security -> System View. Click Device Manager.

3. Double-click Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA controller. or Right-click the selection item and select properties. Note: The default AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA controller drivers are installed by Windows 7 installation automatically. So I want to update it to the official AHCI drivers.

4. You can get AHCI drivers in your CD/DVD drivers of the laptop or motherboard, you can see this document for more details. If you have it, please extract it to a proper driver,  Here I have extracted to C:\DELL.

In Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA controller Properties, select Driver tab, and click Update Driver.


5. Select the second selection: Browse my computer for driver software.


6、Because I have extract it to C:\DELL, So I locate it to C:\DELL and press Next. 

7、Windows 7 will search the right AHCI drivers and update automatically, If the drivers are right, Windows 7 will finish installation quickly.


8、Click Close in the screenshot above, Close the properties view. Windows 7 will pop up a message window, tell us the windows should be restarted before the new drivers become effective. After reboot, Windows 7 will find the new hardware and update relative drivers. Finally, you may need another reboot. 

9. AHCI drivers have been updated successfully, Screenshot as below. If you have some problems, let me know without any hesitation, Good luck.


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