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How to Show Desktop Icons in Windows 7

This post will introduce how to show desktop icons for your windows 7, if you are using windows 7 Home premium or windows 7 ultimate, it is very easy, but for home basic editor, there are some trouble with it. because more people do not know how to find the Desktop icon Setting window.

Show Desktop Icons for Windows 7 Ultimate(Home Premium)

If your are using windows 7 home premium or ultimate, please follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the desktop, click Personalize in the pop-up menu.

2. In the Personalization windows, click Change desktop icons in the left bar.

3. Here it is Desktop Icon Settings screenshot shown this. Select some icons's name you want to display and press OK.

Shown Desktop Icons for Windows 7 home Basic

If you are using windows 7 home basic, you can not find the Personalize menu from the Right-click menu in the desktop. You may try this method.

1. Click Start menu from the taskbar, Type "icon" in the search box, Screenshot like this.

2. Click "Show or hide common icons on the desktop" from the search results.

3. Follow the steps same as the Step 3 demonstrated above in Windows 7 Ultimate.


How to Add or Remove Desktop Icons in Windows 7

If you want to add a icon on desktop, just follow this:

1. Locate the program you want to add a desktop icon.

2. Right-click the excutable file, navigate to Send to -> Desktop(create shortcut). Screenshot shown here.

3. Okay, you will find a new shortcut on your desktop. If you want to delete the icon, just click the icon, and Press Delete Key and then Press OK. the icon will be delete which do not affect the original program.

See this for details:How to Create Shortcut Manually in Windows 7

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thanks so much, is very useful, I managed it.

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